Prostate Biopsies at Capitol Urology

The best way to diagnose prostate cancer is by a trans-rectal ultrasound guided biopsy. This was a tremendous leap forward compared to the somewhat barbaric finger-guided biopsy. Physicians did not use any local anesthesia for a number of years, and then some genius decided to try to numb up the area around the prostate. Unbelievably, patient had better experiences with it!

Normally the whole process takes about 30 minutes. Dr. Edmunds first examines the patient, the ultrasound machine is then used to guide local anesthesia, and the anesthetic is allowed to work for 15 minutes. Many patients have expressed their gratitude!

Patients usually experience some blood in the urine and bowel movements for 1-2 weeks. There can also be blood in the semen for up to 2 months. Most patients resume normal activity the next day.

Advantages of Getting Prostate Biopsies at Capitol Urology


Because we perform around 300 biopsies a year at Capitol Urology, we offer advantages to our patients. We are really good at it!

Lower Infection Rates

Infection rates have gone up with prostate biopsy procedures. Much is due to the emergence of bacteria-resistant microbes secondary to indiscriminate antibiotic use. But…Capitol Urology was a little ahead of the times. We noticed that trend and began giving additional antibiotics at the time of the biopsy. Nationally, infection rates are around 3-4%, while ours is under 1%! There is a bowel prep we ask our patients to perform. We feel this has greatly reduced our infection rate.

No Outpatient Surgery Center Fee

Because we perform biopsies in our office, the patient will not get billed for an outpatient surgery center fee. If you need a prostate biopsy, we promise to make you feel as comfortable as possible.