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Capitol Urology
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 76 reviews
 by Chip

I saw Dr. Edmunds today. WOW !!

What a pleasure to meet a doctor who

“ talks with you” not to you.

Dr. Edmunds is a physician and gentleman who is 100% focused on patient centered care !!!

If you need a urologist….. this is the one you want.

I’ve been through several urologists who have retired.

Dr. Edmunds is great.

 by Mark

I received a vasectomy. The procedure was quick and very comfortable with no pain. Great professional service.

 by Keith

I received a vasectomy from Dr. Edmunds yesterday and I don’t feel like I had anything done to me! Dr. Edmunds is extremely professional and will put your mind at ease with his years of experience. During the procedure I hardly felt anything and I was very relaxed and it was finished in about 15 minutes. I almost wish I could get a second vasectomy since Dr. Edmunds is such a pleasure to be a patient of!

 by James

Dr. Edmunds is great. At no point did I feel nervous about the procedure. He does a fantastic job of explaining the procedure, and recovery. You take a couple Valium before the the visit, lay on the table for about 15 minutes, listen to music, and chat with him, then it’s over. I experienced no pain, other than the first numbing shot, which was no more than a slight pinch feeling. I had zero pain in recovery, and only took 3 Advil, mostly to help keep inflammation down, and I only took one pain pill after the surgery, mostly in anticipation of some pain, but the pain never came, so I didn’t take anymore. If you are thinking about doing this, Dr Edmunds is the guy.

 by Willie

Dr.Edmunds is the best. He and the entire staff are very professional, warm and inviting. Their positive energy definitely relaxed me for my vasectomy.

 by Ron

Dr. Edmunds is exceptionally professional, personable, and competent. The five star rating is not high enough to reflect this. Simply stated you will never find a better urologist. The complicated surgery he performed on me was totally successful. His assistant, Emily, is exceptionally competent and professional, also. I recommend this team only to those who want the best.

 by Brad

Very professional, seamless process. Relatively no pain, no bleeding. I would highly recommend

 by Bruce

I’d just like to say that Dr. Edmunds is the finest doctor I’ve ever been to. He genuinely cares. He takes time to explain things in words that are easy to understand. Fantastic bedside manner!!! I can’t say enough good things about him. His staff is top notch! Friendly and extremely knowledgeable. You won’t find a better doctor and staff anywhere!!?

 by Mark

Very professional practice! I was nervous about a vasectomy but felt at home with the staff. It felt as if I knew them my whole life. Quick procedure and very happy with my choice in Capitol Urology.

 by Brandon

Dr. Edmunds is phenomenal...plain and simple. He performed a vasectomy on me several months ago and I couldn't be more pleased. The procedure went perfectly and he prepared me for what to expect post-op. His level of compassion and empathy far exceeds most medical professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Edmunds for anyone considering a vasectomy, especially those who are hesitant and anxious. Go see him, you won't be disappointed.

 by Micheal

Dr. Edmunds is great doctor that takes personal pride in the service he provides. I should have provided a review of him before now. Better late than never. He performed my prostate surgery five years ago. Afraid when first diagnosed, he walked my wife and I through the process. He is honest in what he tells you and if you are compliant with what he ask you to do, all will be well. I highly recommend him if you need a urologist and / or surgeon. He is the best. Thank you Dr. Edmunds, five years later and CANCER FREE!

 by Brian

This is an update from a previous review, I am now 19 days post-op from a vasectomy, and I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Edmunds and his staff. I had no I mean NO pain, very little swelling. Just follow his directions and there will be no issues.

 by Brian

I have been a patient of Dr. Edmunds for several years now, he and his staff have always been compassionate and caring about my issues. I recently underwent a vasectomy, and without a doubt this has been one of the best procedures I have ever been through. I am on day 3 post op and have had zero pain and no complications. Dr. Edmunds and his staff go out of there way to ensure a comfortable and worry free environment. I highly recommend Dr. Edmonds and Capital Urology.

 by Matt

I have never been to a more professional business...period. The care that Dr. Edmunds and his staff provide are not only top notch...but tailored to you as a person. He is 100% truthful, unbelievably knowledgeable and skilled. As a man, a vasectomy can be a very scary thought...but if you're considering it, this is your guy. The staff is so friendly and helpful and help create the most comfortable environment possible. You will NOT meet a nicer guy or better Dr. than Dr. Edmunds.

 by Corey

From start to finish everything went great. Vary nice and helpful staff and very professional. I highly recommend Capitol Urology.

 by David

Everything from the consultation to the actual procedure went extremely well. Couldn’t have imagined a better experience. Was recommended by a few friends and I’d definitely recommend to others.

 by Tim

Dr. Edmonds is an extraordinarily capable and compassionate physician. In my years on this earth (late seventies) he has far and away the best bedside manner I have ever encountered. If you make the decision to entrust Dr. Edmonds with your urological needs, pat yourself on the back you have made a wise decision.

 by Chase

Can’t imagine this type of procedure going any better. Listened to some good music and had good conversation with Dr Edmunds throughout the entire procedure. Made it feel quick and painless!

 by Drew

Don't be intimidated by the waiting room signs. It's a big decision and sometimes, guys are there for the wrong reasons. This Dr. makes sure that you are there for all the right reasons. This Dr. is a regular dude. Super down to earth and treats you like one of the guys at the bar for MNF. The operation was quick and super less painful then I've heard from other guys that have done it. What's cool too is that makes sure that you're comfortable. And not in that, "do you need a pillow comfortable," it's that bro trust that he's got you and everything is going as planned. That really helped for me when I had mine done. If you're serious and ready to go, then this is the place you want to go.

 by Kathy

Dr. Edmunds is the best in town.

 by Kenneth

I'm not one for writing reviews but i will admit Dr Edmunds and his staff impressed me significantly. I came to the for a Vasectomy and was treated with kindness and humor through the whole process. The staff was friendly and efficient. The nurse had me laughing through most of the exam. Dr. Edmunds was calm and professional when faced with my high metabolism and resistance to local anesthetic. I let everyone know about the problem and when it reared its head during the vasectomy Dr Edmunds handled it with professionalism and care, engaging me in conversation while he went about the procedure with speed and care. He kept me mostly distracted and treated me with compassion in the times i wasn't. Here is the thing that impressed me the most. For the first time ever a doctor gave me accurate expectations on how long healing would take and what pain to expect. They said ten days of light or no activity with ice and pain meds, and today on the tenth day almost all pain is gone. Can't even call it pain, it is just sore. Tomorrow i'm sure i'll be close to normal and this has literally never happened. This doctor and his team know what they are doing.

 by Debbie

Wow is all i can say about Dr. Edmunds. He took care of my Mom for a huge kidney stone, had to be done in 2 separate procedures both times he was very professional, detailed, caring and his bedside manner is awesome. He made sure that not only my Mom but I understood everything, wanted to know our questions. Wonderful Doctor that i would highly recommended.

 by Fitz

My name is Fitz Albert Wilson and I am a patient of Dr. Edmunds. My last visit was on June 14, 2018. My experience during every visit has been excellent! I find Dr. Edmunds and his staff along with his nurses to be friendly and extremely helpful. I have been a patient of Dr. Edmunds for over 13 years. He is more than a doctor he is a friend. I trust & believe in him. As long as I am alive I will always go to Dr. Edmunds for my treatments.

 by Travien

I could not have asked for a better experience.

 by Bruce

I came to Dr. Edmunds for a second opinion for a high PSA. At that moment I knew I had found the best urologist. He and his staff always take the time to listen to your questions and concerns, as well as providing answers and solutions. In addition to his expertise in the procedures he performs (and I have had several), he also displays the utmost comfort and compassion for my well being.

 by Chris

Can't remember how long I've been seeing Dr. Edmunds, but he's always been available and helpful. My most serious treatment was for prostate cancer in 2014. He was straight-forward and explained things in simple, layman's terms. He oversaw my treatment and I've been cancer-free ever since. I would recommend him to anyone needing a urologist.

 by Henry

Good people, caring.

 by Eddie

I've been seeing Dr. Edmunds since 2008 upon referral from my general physician. I'm grateful for this referral. Dr. Edmunds and his staff have always been considerate and skilled. Dr. Edmunds understands how to communicate with me and how to keep me kidney stone free. I'm glad he's my urologist and I will continue to recommend him.

 by James

I have had kidney stones approximately 10 times during the last 30 years. Dr. Edmonds and his staff were wonderful. He is the ultimate professional and takes time with you to explain what's causing the problem. I have seen him twice with the first appointment on an emergency basis and than a follow up appointment. Can't say anything but super and wish I had known him longer in my past treatment.

 by Dr. Sander

Dr. Edmunds has treated me over many years for various urological problems. He is an outstanding physician. Dr. Edmunds is kind, thoughtful, and does whatever possible to help his patients. His staff is highly organized, caring, and willing to be of assistance at all times.

Dr. Sander M. Fields
Columbia, South Carolina

 by Marion

We Thank You for your great care. You have been there with us from the very beginning .We thank you and your beautiful staffs. Very Professional. May God Bless your and your family your work family Thanks so very much. G .Martin

 by Geraldine

I had a massive amount of blood in my urine for approximately ten years. I had been treated by another urologist. I even had surgery to determine where the blood was coming from but they were unable to do anything about the bleeding. After seeing dr. Edmonds for approximately 2 months he was able to stop the bleeding.
I was told by the other urologist that the bleeding was something that I just had to live with. Dr. Edmunds is a great doctor

 by Vince

Dr. Edmunds is a really fine man and doctor. He established a true rapport with me and I actually enjoy seeing him (tho I wish it was under better circumstances.) He is honest and explains things in layman's terms. I have recommended him several times to people who may need to replace their current urologist. If there were 10 stars, I would have given him 10!

 by Jason

Dr. Edmunds and his staff are top notch. I would recommend him to others considering a vasectomy. The procedure was simple and quick. Recovery is what was described in the consultation. He is running a great practice.

 by James

Dr. Edmunds is a great urologist. I've been a patient for only a few years but I can tell you he goes over and beyond for his patients. I recently saw Dr. Edmunds for a followup for kidney stones and knowing I had a hx of BPH, did a DRE and felt something suspicious. He did a biopsy the following week which came back positive for intermediate risk cancer. I am now being seen by an oncologist. There's no telling how advanced my cancer would be had he not taken the time to do the exam. I would recommend him highly to anyone that needs a urologist. He and his staff are top notch.

Jim Shelley
Elgin SC

 by Robert

I would recommend Dr. Edmunds to anyone that is considering having a vasectomy. They were very friendly and professional and answered all my questions and when I say the procedure was painless, I mean it was painless. I also had very very little discomfort during my so called recovery time. I cant say enough about how good this experience was.

 by Jacob

Dr. Edmunds and his staff were very professional and helped put me at ease during and after my vasectomy. Dr. Edmunds gave me a list of instructions to follow for recovery and even took the time to explain everything to my wife and son. Because of the no scapel procedure and following his instructions for icing my recovery was excellent.

 by Jason

Very nice and friendly. Clean and safe. Doctor Edmunds talked me through the whole procedure. Would recommend to anyone.

 by Dan

I had mine done a week and a half ago. Much less pain than I expected, bag of peas for 2 days and all is well. Dr. Edmunds is very good and has a great bedside manor (loved the music). He explained everything ahead of time as well as while he was doing it. I have already recommended him to friends. His staff is also very caring and good at their jobs.

 by TJ

Dr. Edmunds and his staff are the greatest! I can't talk enough about how easy, and laid back, the staff here, make you feel! Dr. Edmunds even played some music I wanted to hear while being operated on. The procedure itself was a cinch....couldn't even believe it when he said "we're done!" I highly recommend Capitol Urology for anyone looking to have a vasectomy done!

 by Robert

Dr. Edmunds and his staff are top notch. He made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and pain free during the procedure. I recommend Capitol Urology to any male friend or family member thinking about a vasectomy.

 by Grayson

Surgery was very quick and painless! What more could you ask for. Oh yeah a great Dr! Dr. Edmunds was amazing as his staff.Highly recommended

 by Mike

Dr. Edmunds and staff are hands down the best to go see when you are looking for the no scalpel vasectomy. I had no pain and felt just fine after the procedure. I still did what I was told which was rest over the weekend. Perfect time for me was during football season, so all I did was watch football. Just got the call today saying I was ALL CLEAR. If you are looking for a Dr. to handle this for you, there is no need to look any further. Give them a call and set your consultation up!

 by Robert

I just had my vasectomy 2 days ago and I can tell you that I had little to no pain during the procedure. Over the weekend I took it easy just like Dr. Edmonds told me to, along with frequent icing, and I haven't had any pain at all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GUY!

 by Joey

While getting a vasectomy was definitely one of the weirder experiences a man might have, Dr. Edmunds and his staff made it a good experience. The procedure was not long, and my healing was quick and painless.

 by Jay

Painless. Great bedside manner. Relaxing environment; music during surgery included John Denver. Dr. Edmunds and the entire staff were friendly, courteous and extremely professional. I highly recommend Dr. Edmunds to perform your vasectomy.

 by Robert

I had little to no pain during my vasectomy. Dr. Edmonds and all of the staff were very friendly and professional. I just had this procedure on April 28th and so far, I've had very little discomfort. I highly recommend him!!

 by Randy

Got me into surgery quickly and took less than 15 minutes to complete. Healed quickly, mostly pain free after the first week. Highly recommend going here. Super nice staff as well.

 by John

I would like to extend a heart felt thanks to the entire team at Capitol Urology. From the moment I first stepped into their office I was treated with kindness and compassion. As a newly diagnosed Cancer patient I was nervous and unsure of my future but Dr. Edmonds has treated me like a member of his family. I was kept informed of all options and suggested treatments. When the time for my Surgery approached Dr. Edmonds personally consoled my family and kept them at ease when quite honestly I don't think I could have as I had my own battle to face. The respect I have for the entire team is second to none. My hope for anyone that is in "research mode" and has had their PSA count checked and is above normal range, please go get it checked out. I ignored the signs and paid the price for my delay as my cancer had already breached the Prostate on one side. If not for yourself, your family deserves the best person you can be AND if you find yourself in need of urology services THIS IS THE BEST PLACE BY FAR !! no ego's or attitudes to deal with as well as prompt service. I owe my life to these wonderful people. my outlook for my future is as bright as ever. Thank you all for your kindness ... Sincerely, John Greene

 by neel

had a kidney stone at 7am tues sept13,2016 went to dr Edmunds office at 8:30 for urine test and then a cat-scan at 11. had large stone trapped and dr Edmunds had me in surgery at 3. I left hospital at 5:30 and never had to take a pain pill.i was back at work on sept 14 at 9am. it is without a doubt the best doctor experience I have ever encountered in my 63 years.

 by Butch

My journey with Dr. Edmunds began over two years ago after an increasing PSA level was noted during my annual physicals. With a family history of prostate cancer,I looked for a younger MD in single practice who would be able to spend time with me, answer my questions in an unrushed manner and include me as an active member of my treatment plan. I couldn't have chosen a better man. After two negative biopsies but an increasing PSA, he suggested that I undergo a newer procedure which was being done in Greenville. As a result of this, a Gleason 9 cancer was discovered; robotic surgery was performed two weeks ago and I am now cancer free per all pathology reports. THIS MD SAVED MY LIFE. He truly cares and was more excited than I was delivering my cancer free diagnosis ! God gave me this MD and I am alive as a result of his care, persistence and skill.

 by Carolyn

I would like to thank Dr. Edmunds for the TLC care he gave my husband, Gerald Johnson. I feel he is dedicated to treating the whole, person not just the mechanics. In my husband's case, he truly needs that friendly personal care. Took eight months to step up and deal with the issue, and Dr. Edmunds took 45 minutes to fix it. During the process, I received three hugs from Dr. Edmunds. He obviously saw what I needed and reached out. I do a great deal of volunteer work, and I believe strongly about reaching out and touching someone. Thank you, Carolyn Johnson

 by John

I had my Vasectomy yesterday and had a great experience with Dr. Edmonds. It was a piece of cake and that was due to the great staff and might I add...gentle touch of Dr. Edmonds. I am now enjoying my pain free long weekend of couch time and movies!!! I will be definitely recommend Dr. Edmonds to my buddies who are looking to shut down that baby factory!!

 by Chad

I had a Vasectomy done on Monday around 2:00 home about 3:30 after I stopped to get the pain meds that I don't need. Dr Edmonds takes great care and is very knowledgeable. Anyone that can do a vasectomy and talk to you at the same time must know what he is doing. Point is I would do it all over again I got home and went on about my normal day as if I never had it done. I would recommend Dr. Edmonds to anyone thinking of having this done it was the best.

 by Harrison

Quick easy and relatively painless. I am slightly over 12 weeks from my vasectomy surgery and just got the "all clear" from Dr. Edmonds. The procedure is quick with only minor discomfort, not pain. I spent most of the surgery talking to Dr. Edmonds about music. After a reasonable recovery period, everything is back to normal well before the 12 week return visit. I recommend the procedure and I recommend Capitol Urology.

 by Jonathan

I must say dr. Edmonds is a phenomenal physician. Admit that I was very nervous going in having this procedure done but after Dr Edmonds came in and began talking with me may be very relaxed and the procedure was over in no time maybe 10 minutes at the most and to be completely honest I didn't feel not one thing during the procedure once the anesthesia was given I didn't even know he started the process and we set there and had a conversation as he completed the vasectomy and a few minutes later he comes around with a smile and say you're done I must say it was a pleasure meeting him and his staff and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering having this done. I walked. With a smile and a little to no discomfort

 by ted

Outstanding physician and supporting staff who not only provide state of the art medical care but do so in a genuinely caring and compasionate manner. Will always be greatful to Dr Edmonds for for first discovering the prostate cancer I had but then took the medical steps necessary to eradicate it with only a couple of weeks of down time. God Bless you all.
Ted Olmstead

 by Jerry

Dr. Edmunds is absolutely fantastic. I came in for a surgical procedure and he has the best bedside manner. We were talking for the entire time. Not only that, but the surgical work he did looks phenomenal. The scarring is minimal and unobtrusive. I would absolutely go back again and recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs urological treatment of any sort.

 by Blake

As someone that works in the healthcare industry and in particular the ambulatory practice space, I'm keenly aware of how to recognize a practice that stands out from the rest. Capital Urology is one of those practices. From the time that I contacted the office to get a scheduled no scalpel vasectomy to the procedure itself, every aspect of the process was handled with professionalism, integrity, and a strong general sense that this was the right place for me to receive care. The procedure I had performed was just as advertised from the initial consultation and took about 10 minutes. Dr. Edmonds was pleasant and very conversant during the procedure helping keep my mind off of what was going on below. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the entire interaction with this group and like one of the other reviewers said, I hope I don't need to see Dr. Edmunds in the future but if I need a urologist they'll be no hesitation on who I turn to service.

 by Stuart

Great Doctor. Excellent staff.
Need more stars.

 by Rusty

Dr. Edmunds and his staff are fantastic. The entire vasectomy process was quick and easy. It was relatively painless, and the recovery process was easy with zero complications. I hope to never see him again, but if I need a urologist, Dr. Edmunds is who I will see. I would recommend him to anyone.

 by Kevin

I have been a patient for more than 10 years. Dr Edmunds care about all your problems not just his field. He is very caring and attentive. I know he has lots of patients but I feel like I am the only one there. He is never rushed, very nice guy. Happy and Friendly. I don't see that in many medical offices these days... Staff always friendly and happy. Must be a great place to work !! I will never see another urologist as long as Dr Edmunds is still working !! Thank You !!!

 by Happy Patient

Wonderful physician and Staff! Couldn't be happier with the way I was treated. Fair financial lady; she was wonderful!

 by Steve

I always receive great service from Capitol Urology. Dr. Edmunds and Virgina do a great job of taking care of you. I have had several procedures of which i am please with all of them. Everyone is very caring and informative.

 by james

I appreciate all you do to help me understand how important it is live a healthy life. Thanks again for the book you gave me to help me get a better understanding of my health problem.

 by N. Bernard

Thanks for being my doctor - the best doctor in town! Always, N. Bernard Slice

 by Bobby

To Super Doc Edmunds And His Equally Talented Staff - Many Thanks! Bobby Bacon

 by Gregory

First of all, I have to say that this is THE most awesome practice I have EVER been to. The staff and Dr Edmunds are not the norm. You get the sense that they genuinely care about you and your well-being. Talking to Dr Edmunds is so refreshing. His honest nature and sense of caring makes you want to advertise for him all day everyday. If I could have him as my primary care physician, I'd do it in a New York minute. Thank you Capitol Urology!!!!!!!!!!!!

 by Andrew

These days, it seems like healthcare has become a game of speed and efficiency, rather than one of patient care and satisfaction. However, Dr. Edmunds and his staff are definitely an exception, showing that there are still some providers out there who put their patients first.

I had my vasectomy performed this morning and I couldn't have been more pleased with the experience. From the first phone call on, Dr. Edmunds' staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. During the procedure itself, I actually found myself in an enjoyable conversation with Dr. Edmunds about music and being a musician. He's just an all around nice guy who takes his work seriously - and does a heck of a job -but knows that he doesn't have to take himself too seriously in the process. I guess the best way I can describe my experience is to say that the vibes were good at all times.

I'm almost a little sad that I likely won't have a reason to go back and see Dr. Edmunds and his staff, although I guess that's for the best. But, hopefully this review can persuade some of you other guys out there who are thinking about having a vasectomy to just "man up" and get it done because I promise, you'll be happy you did.

 by Pete

Coming from a guy who's anxiety level was an 11.5 out of 10, I can honestly state that the consultation, operation and post operation results were nothing short of excellent. The entire team at Capitol Urology was top notch and extremely friendly. Dr. Edmunds is disarming, sensitive and quick. The pain was a 1 out of 10 (less painful than a tetanus shot) and recovery advise was dead on. After exactly 1-week, I was 100%, running and working out pain free. I never write reviews but felt compelled to recommend this team to other guys, especially for such a "important and delicate" procedure. Thanks team!

 by Sammy

Dr. Edmunds was great and the whole experience was easy and painless for the most part. I loved feeling comfortable the whole time at the office.

 by Tracie

Just wanted to thank you for helping get Gregg an appointment with Doctor Edmunds. He had a great experience at your office and thought Doctor Edmunds was such a great doctor. Thanks so much!

 by Sam

If in doubt or scared of the (alleged) pain that comes with a vasectomy, do not be. Dr. Edmunds performed a vasectomy two days ago, and I can honestly say there has been no pain or swelling. The whole visit was less than 30 minutes, and it was calm and tranquil. The staff treats you like an individual; the assistant was very personable and comforting. Dr. Edmunds is friendly and professional, and has a good taste in music. He talks through the procedure, so you are not surprised by anything. I've had more discomfort waiting on an oil change. Anyone vacillating on the procedure, you need to see visit Dr. Edmunds. You will be extremely pleased with the treatment, and the skill of Dr. Edmunds. I know I am.

 by John

I am so glad I found Dr. Edmunds instead of going to one of the "Urology Mills" to get my Vasectomy. Everyone is great and Dr. Edmunds has the rare combination of being a highly skilled surgeon and a heck of a nice guy!!! I will highly recommend to all my buddies.

 by Buford

Dr. Edmunds had to surgically remove a kidney stone from the world's worst patient with no tolerance for pain. He and his staff made a very uncomfortable procedure tolerable. Dr. Edmunds is a lifelong friend but is my urologist first because of his skill but also because of his "bedside" manner. He explained what was going to happen and didn't sugarcoat the unpleasant aspects of the procedure. I'm back up on my feet again sooner than I imagined. He's the best!!

 by Jim

I had a vasectomy today by Dr. Edmunds. We listened to great music and he talked me through it. It was very comforting. I'd recommend him to anyone, especially for a vasectomy. No sweat!