Thomas B. Edmunds, M.D.

Dr. Tom Edmunds

I was born here in Columbia in 1967, and was lucky enough to have a wonderful family raise me. I went to Hammond, played lots of sports, went to Davidson College, and then took a year off after Davidson to play in a talented band that played up and down the eastern USA near Charlotte. I also waited tables and was a cook for a year. I had a wonderful, maturing period.

I chose to go to MUSC, studied hard, and moved to New York for six years! Six years to be a tee-tee doctor. Oh well.

I was in a very busy training program at State University of New York, slept little, worked hard, learned a lot, took care of very sick people, operated on some horrible cancers, did kidney transplants, figured out what I enjoyed doing, and strove to be the best I could. The program had only one urology resident per year, so I was able to perform a ton of complex surgeries.

I moved to Columbia, SC right before 9/11 and joined Columbia Urological PA. I worked there for five years. I had some wonderful partners and learned so much.

I decided to go out on my own and get off the busy treadmill I was on. I opened Capitol Urology in 2005, and I have never enjoyed practicing medicine more.

I’ve sub-specialized in no-scalpel vasectomies in my office (more than 4,000 happy patients), expert diagnosis and counseling of prostate cancer, kidneys stones, and treatment of erectile dysfunction, prostate enlargement (BPH), and testicular and penile lesions. I utilize cutting edge technology and minimally invasive techniques to take care of my patients.

Curriculum Vitae

Premedical Education
BA, Classical Studies
Davidson College
Davidson, NC
August 1986 – May 1990

Medical Education
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC
August 1991 – May 1995

State University of NY at Stony Brook
University Hospital and Medical Center
Stony Brook, NY 11794
July 1995 – June 1996

General Surgery
State University of NY at Stony Brook
July 1996 – June 1997

State University of NY at Stony Brook
July 1997 – June 2001

Work History
Columbia Urological Associates, PA

Capitol Urology, PA
3600 Forest Drive, Suite 401

Research & Training Experience
Cryosurgery Ablation of the Prostate and Cryoablation of Renal Tumors
MUSC, Charleston, SC

Lilly/Boehinger Ingleheim Phase IV Stress Incontinence Drug. Sub-investigator site exceed enrollment.

Clinical Investigator Training Walter Moorly Foundation