Live Robotic Prostate Removal

This is a video of a patient undergoing robotic assisted radical prostatectomy for Gleason 7 cancer. It does contain the actual surgery itself and is narrated by text. This was performed in Jan 2013. I’ve done over 230 robotic prostatectomies, and am one of the only experienced robotic urological surgeon in Columbia. Ask around. I operate at Baptist Hospital in Columbia. I have been in Columbia practicing urology since 2001. I trained in New York for six years. PLease call us if you or your loved one has untreated prostate cancer. 2nd opinions are welcome! Thank you.

Please Note!

As of July 29, 2019, our office will be located at 3600 Forest Drive, Suite 401, Columbia, SC 29204. Until then, we will still be at our location at 1333 Taylor Street, Suite 2-B, Columbia, SC 29201.