Paying For Your Visit

We accept cash, checks, money orders, VISA, and Master Card. All forms of payment are accepted at check-in or enclosed with your statement. We send monthly statements to inform you of any balances due, and we also remind you of money due when you have an appointment. We expect that patient-due balances will be paid upon receipt of our statement, and/or at your visit.

Insurance Patients

As a courtesy to you, we will file a claim with your primary and secondary plans. When each has paid their portion of the charge, the remainder becomes your balance and is indicated on the statement you will receive from our office. While our billing professionals will do all they can to help you in communicating with your insurance plan, we must remind you that you are responsible for all charges until they are fully paid. Should a surgical procedure be necessary, we will collect $300 pre-payment for the surgery.

Medicare Patients

The majority of our patients are covered by Medicare and so we are very familiar with these requirements. As a courtesy to you, we submit claims electronically to Medicare on a regular basis and also submit to your Medigap (secondary) coverage. We request that you bring your Medicare and Medigap cards with you to each appointment.

Managed Care Plans

Plan requirements can vary significantly, but one major provision is that a referral is necessary to be seen in our office. Also, if your plan has a copay, it is due when you register for your visit. We do our best to keep abreast of the rules of each plan, but it is incumbent upon you as the patient to learn and follow the rules set forth in your specific plan. We encourage you to contact your employer, Medicare, or your plan directly for questions regarding deductibles, referrals, coverage, eligibility, and other concerns you may have.

Referral Forms, Managed Care Pre-Authorizations and Pre-Certifications

You must give us all written referral forms and information BEFORE the visit begins in order for us to determine that all anticipated services will be covered. If you do NOT have this information BEFORE the visit, you may be responsible for some or all of the visit charges that insurance does not cover. We will inform you in advance when we have any reason to believe that scheduled services are not covered by your plan. In the circumstance that a non-covered service is recommended, we will ask you, in advance, to sign a form that states you will be responsible for the payment of any non-covered charges for the proposed procedure. Finally, your health plan makes all final determinations of coverage. Their coverage decisions are normally final; you will be financially responsible for any services we provide that are not covered by your health plan.


We ask that you bring your insurance card(s) with you to each and every visit made to our office. We offer you the courtesy of submitting your charges to both a primary and secondary plan. Furthermore, our professional, experienced staff deals with over 200 insurance plans and can help you negotiate the complex maze of requirements. Familiarity with your own particular plan will minimize the potential for delays or unnecessary charges associated with your visit or surgery.

HMO plans, and some other plans, require that patients seen in our office bring a referral to each visit. Referrals are obtained from Primary Care Physicians and are the patient’s responsibility to provide. If your plan requires a referral, we cannot see you without it.

Insurance Plan Participation

Our office currently participates in most insurance plans. Please do not hesitate to contact our business office to inquire about participation in your specific plan.